This is a blog about a town called Parthenay. Situated in the Nouvelle Aquitaine, it is sort of a cross between the Hobbit Shire and Tintagel. There are many wonderful things about this place and I invite those who stumble upon this pearl of a place to share their own experiences in photos and words. I am an Englishwoman who washed up here in April 2016 after ten years of traveling around India and the subcontinent. It feels like a refuge from the gathering storm. A place where decency and friendliness still hold forth on the streets. Where work is subordinate to the task of appreciating life, where nothing is open on Sundays and lunchtimes are sacred. Isn’t this what we imagined the future to be like? Welcome to the town of the future. Welcome to Parthenay.

My article about Parthenay in The Huffington Post below in English and in French translation.

The Parthenay Effect: How a Small French Town Might Save Civilization

L’effet Parthenay: Comment une petite ville Française pourrait sauver notre civilisation